“Falcon Forward” Mad Lib

You might remember “Mad Libs,” the fill-in-the-blank word game. Here’s one for your entertainment pleasure/horror, a passage from a recent news story. We encourage you to fill it out, keeping in mind BGSU’s intent to open campus for the fall.

The coronavirus crisis now developing in [noun, industry or economic sector] is what happens when financially motivated wishful thinking is stamped out by unavoidable reality. The odds of [noun, institution within that economic sector] being able to have a [noun, time of activity within that sector] free of COVID-19 were minuscule, especially since the [noun, participants] are [verb, social activity]. Even when they’re [noun, place], they are tasked with behaving wisely and avoiding situations that will make them vulnerable to contracting the virus. It also didn’t help that the [noun, participants], [noun, people in charge], and [noun, chief executive] all seemed to dismiss the idea of [verb, alternative accommodation] pretty quickly, because it seemed inconvenient.

Where is the passage from? Jamele Hill’s piece in The Atlantic about American professional baseball, which, as of only about 10 games into the season, is already ailing. And they’ve got a lot more money, and a lot fewer people to try to keep safe, than BGSU does.