Unprecedented (an anonymous submission)

We received this rap anonymously, through our contact form. Put on your helmet, tighten your seatbelt, and grab on to something, because once you get on, this one won’t stop for anything.

Rap or Read to your own beat.

The virus came in
and the students moved out
President sendin messages
full of fear and doubt
Quotin Abraham Lincoln
like this a war.
Wants you thinkin he woke-
What a joke!

Watch him every time
he talks about diversity-
He stammers - shifts his weight
like he has to pee.
Behind the scenes,
paid his own money
to help Gavarone 
attack opponents with cash
she got from First Energy.

It’s all about the money - Yo!
Tucked away for a rainy day
by the CFO.
People are sick. People are dyin.
Lost their jobs. At home cryin.
Don’t worry. President’s got a plan,
been sittin on millions from a white man.
Gonna transform all our fucking lives.
Just waitin for the right time
to tell us that we’re really flush - 
that they really don’t give a fuck
that they fired faculty in years 
one through three -
Fired custodians, even though
every fuckin room needs to be cleaned.
Staff gettin bumped without a say - 
Just be happy that you got a job
and we won’t furlough your pay.
The rest of you at will - 
Don’t you see? They got rid
Of anyone who dares to disagree.
But don’t worry, if he likes you,
shut your mouth and nod, Yes - 
You’ll get promoted to the new
division of Marketing and B.S.

Connect the fucking dots!
Their bull shit goes deep.
They just want a herd of sheep - 
to design everybody’s life.
Don’t think for yourself
or notice all the white.
Black sheep are weeded out
by zip code - Enrollment Manager
called out in the Washington Post - 
takin extra money 
from the company they hired.
Ruled a consultant - not fired.
Just make everyone take ethics
training from the state.
Just wait.

The virus is an opportunity
to give more power to the fraternity. 
Once you owe him for your spot
you can never say, “No.”
He gonna keep you close -
Never let you go.
You can even leave for a year,
then come back and get paid.
Keep your eyes open -
We’re all gettin played.
This shit ain’t unprecedented!
It’s the oldest game there is.
White man will do anything
to keep his power -
to protect his reputation - 
That’s it.
Remember, Pres. is just a temp
Stick together.
Take care of business.
We’re in this for the long haul -
Just cover your ass
any time you go near McFall.