Greetings–Now Please Go Away

Query from a potential “greeter”:

Dear BGSU Office of Residence Life,

May I please get some cash from CARES
To sit or stand outside the halls
As kids arrive with their affairs–
Their spirits high on aerosols–
And tell them “Turn around, go home!
We’ve just decided, we’re too dense.”
And thus the BG metronome
Tick-tocks, with little common sense,
Toward fall semester’s recommence-
ment. Hybrid horror… such suspense.

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BGSU Leaders, Uniquely Brilliant or [Fill in the Blank]?

This week, BGSU’s leaders re-doubled their commitment to opening the campus physically this fall, rather than going online. This decision runs counter to historical and prevailing evidence concerning universities’ experience with public health in general and COVID-19 specifically. But maybe, somehow, BGSU’s leadership is uniquely brilliant, and thus has solved the problems other institutions’ leaders have not. Fill in the blanks below with your evaluation of BGSU leadership’s decision-making.

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Calculation indicates: Too. Damned. Close.

There are 18,000 stories on the masked campus; here’s one of mine. We’d love to hear yours.

As a blind person, I am confident that I can negotiate my way safely around new hand-washing installations, along one-way hallways, and through the plexiglass mazes that are popping up in our classrooms. Twenty years of making my way through (sometimes unmarked) campus construction zones have had their effect.

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