About us

Why we started the Masked Falcon

The Masked Falcon provides an independent, irreverent voice for BGSU faculty regarding pandemic-related and issues that affect our university and academic community. Our opinions are only our own. We do not represent BGSU, the State of Ohio, the U.S.A., the BGSU-FA, or, for that matter, any other reputable organization. Disreputable ones, though, are free to contact us, if the price is right.

Who we are

Montana Miller

Montana is a folklorist / ethnographer whose life before joining BGSU’s Department of Popular Culture in 2005 was spent as a professional circus aerialist. Before the pandemic, she continued to occasionally perform her storytelling aerial rings act, “Rescue,” and she founded and captained the world’s only all-female competitive 8-way skydiving team, “Blocksmiths.” For nine years she has commuted to New York on weekends to be with her partner, a skydiving / lifeguarding diesel mechanic. She currently commutes between Zoom, WebEx, and MicroSoft Teams.

Andy Schocket

Andy teaches History and American Culture Studies, is a proud member of the BGSU-FA, and has been employed at BGSU since 2001. He has managed not to be brilliant in many endeavors, among them fiction writing, playing ukulele, and not embarrassing his other immediate family members.

Sheri Wells-Jensen

Sheri is currently sheltering from the pandemic  with a matched set of three cats and three humans. Her  research is in linguistics, astrobiology and disability studies.   She started at BGSU in 2000, and is a proud member of the BGSU-FA.